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It was great to see you at ConExpo!

Over the week we had a lot of wonderful conversations with the attendees of ConExpo! We are working to follow up with many of you in the weeks and days following.

If you would like to get ahold of us sooner please email us at or give us a call at 320-269-3227

How Specialty Systems Got Its Start
Timeline 1997-2002

April is National Weld Month

April is National Welding Month! Did you know 70% of all manufactured products are made using the skills of welders! Welding is an essential component to society, you may be wondering how does welding affect your everyday life? Welders helped build your car, buildings, pots and pans, bridges, appliances, and so much more!! Join us this month as we celebrate our weld team

SpecSys has a weld team at each of our manufacturing facilities, and an AWS certified weld inspector on staff. Our teams each provide their own set of special skills that bring each new project to life.

During the month of April follow along on our social media pages to see a more in depth look at our weld department!

ISO Certified Excellence

We understand that delivering projects on time, on budget, done right, and done safely, is important not only for our success but for the success of our clients. SpecSys has been ISO certified since 2007, successfully maintaining our certification across three company units without interruption.

Our quality focus is company-wide, with systems in place to ensure every project is completed with care and on time. From Project Management to our Assembly teams, we have built in procedures to ensure each project is completed to the highest standards.

Timeline 2003-2006
Timeline 2008-2013

Community Matters

We encourage our employees to get involved in their communities. The rural communities we are located in are an important part of who we are and together we can make a positive impact on the future. We donate to each of our communities each year both as an organization and as individuals. Last year we were able to give back 681 hours to our communities. We encourage our employees to step outside the office and share their skills and passion in their communities, each year we can strive to make a bigger impact!

25+ Years of Experience

"There are many suppliers that will tell you that they COULD do a successful project of this complexity for you,.

The difference is that SpecSys IS DOING successful projects of this magnitude each and every day, carrying a 25 year track record of proven success.

SpecSys is a partner whom values the relationship, not just a supplier." - Kevin Wald, CEO

SpecSys, Inc. offers a full range of engineering and manufacturing services
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