What is National Skilled Trades Day?

May 4, 2022 by Erica


Happy National Skilled Trades Day! Skilled trades are more than a job, they are a career.

What is National Skilled Trades Day?

Do you know the importance of National Skilled Trades Day? On the first Wednesday of May, we celebrate all the hardworking men and women of the trades. This day was founded to bring awareness to the shortage facing the United States in the skilled trades sector. Also to celebrate and shine a positive light on the importance of skilled trade jobs. These highly skilled workers fill thousands of manufacturing jobs across the country. Our manufacturing infrastructure is essential to our everyday lives. National Skilled Trades day is a great time to acknowledge, and thank the countless skilled tradespeople that make our world go round, in all industries! That might include an EMT that helped you or a family member out, a mechanic that repaired your vehicle, a veterinary technician that took good care of a furry family member, or the person that fixed your furnace so you had heat again on a cold winter day. The list is endless. Along with a shout-out of appreciation to our skilled trade workers, it is also a great time to encourage more people to pursue a skilled trade path. An analysis of job data from the industrial-staffing agency PeopleReady has predicted a 200% increase in demand for tradespeople in the US. With almost 30% of the current workforce sitting on the doorstep of retirement. If you are interested in learning more about skilled trades, contact us! We would love to share our passion for manufacturing with you!

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