Employment with SpecSys Inc.

Specialty Systems Inc. specializes in design and development of machinery and mobile equipment for OEM clients across North America and throughout the world. SpecSys Inc. was founded in March of 1997 and has grown quickly to be a premiere engineering design firm. We are seeking qualified candidates who have the ability and desire to tackle large product developments.

Job listings/descriptions for open SpecSys positions can be found by connecting to our parent company's site at www.ritalka.com/careers.html.

Qualified Applicants

SpecSys Inc. is always interested in speaking with qualified applicants. Please do not hesitate to submit a resume/application to us. We will file it for future reference and may contact you immediately if we are searching for your position.

You can download a full application for
employment by clicking on the link below
(best viewed in Internet Explorer).

Fill this out and then either attach it to
an email to hr@ritalka.com or drop
it in the mail to the address below:

Human Resources
121 N. 1st Street

Montevideo, MN 56265